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Estate Planning and Medicaid Asset Protection

At the Law Offices of George R. Faust, we know how necessary having the right representation for the protection of your family’s assets. Attorney Faust is experienced in providing quality estate planning services for the Buffalo community for decades. We will meet with you to discuss what your needs are and find the correct plan to suit your family’s needs, at no cost. Call us today.

What We Handle:

Will & Inheritance Disputes

Living Trusts


Healthcare Proxies

Powers of Attorney

And many more.

Real Estate

Landlord/Tenant & Evictions

It’s important to know your rights as a tenant. When it comes to landlord-tenant relationships, occasionally situations arise that can become adversarial. Attorney Faust provides knowledgeable legal counsel and expertise should these often stressful and unexpected disputes arise. He has considerable experience in handling these matters all over Western New York, which allows him to anticipate the opposition’s strategy and provide successful guidance to his clients. Attorney Faust is here to fight for you whether it be a landlord or tenant dispute or an unexpected eviction.

What We Handle:

Security Deposit Returns

Money Not Owed

Unfit Living Conditions

Unanswered Repairs Requests

Eviction Protection

And many more.


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