At the Law Offices of George R. Faust & Associates, we understand that every situation is unique. Each client has access to personalized expertise at your convenience, including evenings, weekends, and even holidays.  The Law Offices of George R. Faust differs from other firms in that every client receives personalized legal counsel directly from an attorney, at your convenience.  Call our office for a free consultation today at (716) 856-5608.

Attorney Faust believes that each client is a unique individual who deserves his undivided attention and his personal dedication to his or her case. Beginning with each client's free initial consultation, he takes the time to get to know each client, listen to his or her story, fully answer his or her questions, and then devise the best strategy for accomplishing his or her goals and objectives. He then guides each client through the applicable legal process and keeps him or her advised on the progress of the case every step of the way. He is also cognizant of his clients' financial situations and accepts all major credit cards for their maximum convenience in paying the law firm's reasonable and competitive legal fees.